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Automakers continue to introduce more and more SUVs. It’s now possible for almost anyone to find a vehicle that precisely meets his or her needs. However, a tremendous variety of autos has made it more difficult to compare all of the models. The first step is to choose between traditional truck-based SUVs and car-based crossovers. If a driver prefers the latter, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse represents an appealing option. This SUV stands out because it combines a smooth ride with impressive cargo and passenger capacities. The Traverse also offers diverse trim levels that range from utilitarian to opulent. Chevy recently redesigned this model; it added new technology, a bigger cargo area and extra legroom.

Family-Friendly Features

Depending on the trim level, this crossover holds seven to eight passengers. Its unibody chassis and spacious interior ensure that everyone can ride in comfort. The Traverse keeps passengers safe as well. Its Rear Seat Reminder warns motorists not to forget young children in the back seats. Every trim level also comes with a system that protects teenagers by reducing the maximum stereo volume and driving speed. Other standard safety equipment includes traction control, adjustable traction modes, a backup camera and electronic stability control. The Chevy Traverse received a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This attractive, modern vehicle also boasts sophisticated communication and entertainment features, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and six or more USB jacks.

Noteworthy Numbers

Some of the Traverse’s specifications help it stand out. For instance, motorists may select a four-cylinder engine that features a turbocharger and produces 257 horsepower. The standard engine generates 310 hp and has six cylinders. Drivers can choose front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Every Traverse comes with an efficient automatic gearbox that has nine speeds. Despite this SUV’s large size, it only takes 6.6 seconds to achieve 60 mph. Gas mileage reaches 27 mpg on highways, and the fuel tank holds more than 19 gallons. Depending on the seat positions, cargo room ranges from 23 to 98.2 cubic feet. The Traverse also has concealed storage compartments for extra luggage and its spare tire. Drivers have the option to carry even more cargo; this SUV tows up to 5,000 pounds.

Six Trim Offerings

Chevrolet introduced two additional trim levels when it redesigned this model. The sporty new RS level boasts a turbo engine, 20-inch wheels and leather seats. On the other hand, the posh High Country package includes all-wheel drive and special headlights. It even has a motorized third-row seat and sunroof. The mid-priced LT Leather and LT Cloth trims remain available as well. They come with heated seats, a remote starter, fog lamps, a leather steering wheel and other extras. The Traverse LS has tinted windows, and Chevy’s Premier trim supplies plenty of luxurious amenities. Drivers may add a sunroof and towing package by selecting the Premier Redline version. The base Traverse L offers 18-inch wheels, keyless entry and a climate control system with three zones.

Positive Reviews

El Paso Texas motorists can choose the Chevrolet Traverse with confidence because numerous owners and professional reviewers have showered this vehicle with praise. It stands out as one of the few SUVs that truly combines spaciousness, value, comfort, safety and practical capabilities, according to Forbes. Motor Trend complimented the crossover’s interior surface materials and abundant legroom. Additionally, it highlighted the user-friendly design of the touch-screen infotainment system. Both Motor Trend and Consumer Reports admired the 2018 Traverse’s outward visibility. Meanwhile, the crossover was featured on a national automotive TV program known as MotorWeek. A reviewer praised its braking abilities and rapid acceleration. This SUV also earned impressive ratings from Car and Driver, U.S. News and World Report, and the Kelley Blue Book.

Where to Buy

The bottom line is that the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse provides an attractive solution for anyone who needs to transport several passengers or copious cargo. It lets motorists blend the luxury, safety and smoothness of a well-made sedan with the roominess and towing prowess of a powerful SUV. El Paso Texas drivers can find the 2018 Traverse at Rudolph Chevrolet. Many of this dealership’s experienced salespeople have worked at the car lot for over two decades. Military personnel receive exclusive financing, discounts and shuttle services. All customers benefit from a friendly, low-pressure atmosphere. To learn more, please call Rudolph Chevrolet at 915-317-5956.

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