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The 2018 Chevy Tahoe has a lot to offer. This spacious SUV boasts three rows of seats, a 355-horsepower engine and the latest electronics. It also features a surprisingly quiet cabin. Nonetheless, some drivers desire exceptionally rapid acceleration or personalized styling that turns even more heads. Others want fewer seats and more cargo space. These motorists can benefit from looking at special editions of the Tahoe. They come in four major varieties readily available at Rudolph Chevrolet in El Paso Texas.

Tahoe RST

The Rally Sport Truck edition offers 22-inch wheels, an exclusive grille design and several styling adjustments. Its door handles match the color of the SUV’s body. On the other hand, this eye-catching auto has black nameplates, moldings, wheels, roof railings, window frames, mirror caps and logos. Drivers can request the RST version if they buy the Tahoe Premier or LT. This edition often lures motorists who prefer black to chrome.

Chevy buyers can go beyond cosmetic changes by purchasing the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier RST with a 6.2-liter performance package. This luxurious vehicle produces 18 percent more horsepower than the base model. The eight-cylinder EcoTec3 engine maximizes acceleration, making it easy to ascend steep hills while lugging heavy cargo. This package also includes special shock absorbers and a Hydra-Matic automatic gearbox with 10 speeds. Chevy uses the same transmission in its Camaro ZL1. Drivers can even add high-performance brakes from Brembo.

Tahoe Custom

Motorists may request the Custom edition when they select the LS model. It comes with 18-inch wheels that have all-season tires. This economical variation also features chrome grille accents. Unlike most Tahoes, it doesn’t have a third row of seats. Owners benefit from significantly more cargo space. The absence of these seats also reduces the vehicle’s price by almost $500. Chevy’s Tahoe Custom satisfies buyers who don’t need to carry more than five passengers and want to use this SUV to pull trailers or haul bulky cargo.

Custom Midnight

If a driver likes to escape the pavement from time to time, he or she might prefer the Custom Midnight edition. It includes all-terrain Wrangler tires from Goodyear. As the name suggests, this vehicle has a black body, grille and interior. The steps and badges exhibit the same coloration. Like the Tahoe Custom, it offers two rows of seats. A driver must purchase the LS model to request this special version.


Tahoe LT buyers can order a similarly dark edition. It features black emblems, roof railings and wheels. Chevrolet equips rear-wheel drive vehicles with year-round tires and wheels that measure 20 inches. On the other hand, the four-wheel drive LT becomes an off-road SUV with a Z71 package. It gains 18-inch wheels, a skid plate, all-terrain Goodyear tires and a black grille. Unlike the Custom Midnight and Custom versions, Midnight provides three rows of seats that hold up to nine people.


Since 1961, Chevrolet has offered performance-oriented editions of conventional models. The automaker marketed them as Super Sport vehicles in the past. Motorists could buy the Cobalt, Camaro and Chevelle in SS editions. General Motors produced a high-performance variation on the Caprice until 1996; this car was known as the Impala SS. In 2013, designers modified Pontiac’s G8 to create the Chevrolet SS. This car boasted leather seats, 19-inch wheels and a 415-horsepower engine. It took less than five seconds to reach 60 mph.

Although Chevy has discontinued the SS, its Tahoe special editions uphold this time-honored tradition. They give buyers the option to enhance acceleration or off-road performance while customizing features and styling to suit their tastes. El Paso TX drivers can see the 2018 Tahoe at Rudolph Chevrolet. This dealership features convenient hours, competitive pricing and a wide range of services. Some New Mexico residents also take the time to visit this car lot; they know that it offers the region’s best deals on new GM vehicles. Motorists may speak to its friendly, knowledgeable staff by dialing 915-317-5956 or traveling to Rudolph Chevrolet on South Desert Boulevard.

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