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2019 Chevrolet Volt Getting Improved Efficiency

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt will deliver even greater fuel savings than last year’s model. This compact plug-in hybrid also offers multiple convenience and comfort enhancements. It may represent the perfect solution for El Paso Texas drivers who want to protect the environment in a stylish yet practical hatchback. The car has an aggressive, sporty appearance without the unusual curves that some low-emission autos exhibit. Some of the latest improvements came from an all-electric vehicle known as the Chevy Bolt. They help motorists increase efficiency and minimize pollution. Rudolph Chevrolet customers can begin test-driving the 2019 Volt as soon as General Motors completes the first deliveries.

Conserving More Fuel

This car gives motorists a great opportunity to reduce harmful effects on the environment and avoid frequent trips to the gas station. The Volt achieves a respectable 42 mpg when it burns gasoline. However, its electric motors boost fuel economy to 106 MPGe on average. This vehicle outshines competing models by traveling a maximum of 53 miles on all-electric power. It can traverse more than 400 miles with an entire tank of fuel and a fully charged battery. The 2019 Volt will exceed the 2018 model’s total range by 14 percent. This car’s infotainment display features an app that helps motorists reduce power consumption. They can quickly compare the energy needs of various systems.

Noteworthy Improvements

Like the previous year’s model, the base 2019 Volt will have a 3.6-kilowatt charger that takes four hours and 30 minutes to completely energize the battery. However, Chevy has introduced an optional 7.2-kilowatt charger. It reduces the charging time by two hours and 10 minutes. This upgrade makes it easier to replenish the battery while working or shopping. It cuts hourly costs at public electric stations as well. Another new feature lets owners conserve energy by manually disabling gasoline-powered heating in the winter. Chevrolet also updated the braking controls in a way that enhances smoothness and allows motorists to improve regenerative brake performance.

Specs and Features

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt comes with a moderately powerful 1.5-liter engine. This four-cylinder unit runs quietly; owners cut both noise and air pollution. The hatchback has front-wheel drive, so it provides decent traction on wet highways. A modern automatic transmission improves ease of operation without compromising efficiency. Although the Volt uses the latest technology to save energy, drivers still need to remember old-fashioned conservation techniques. For example, it’s vital to fully inflate each tire. The newest model simplifies this routine task. When someone uses an air pump, the car briefly sounds its horn as soon as a tire is adequately inflated.

Comparing Trim Packages

The 2019 Volt has comparatively few trim levels. Buyers can choose between the base LT or high-end Premier packages. It’s possible to add many options to the LT, such as a motorized driver’s seat with six-way adjustments and a system that wirelessly charges mobile devices. Other extras range from a leather steering wheel to adaptive cruise control. Chevy’s Premier trim includes the upgraded driver’s seat as well as a faster battery charger. It will cost around $4,300 more than the base model. The rear-view camera and automatic pedestrian warnings have been improved. Chevrolet also decided to expand the selection of interior and exterior colors.

Looking Forward

Although the Volt won’t undergo tremendous changes, some drivers will consider it worthwhile to wait for the 2019 model. Motorists can expect to find this car at Chevy dealerships during the autumn. In the meantime, the automaker will disclose more details about its pricing, features and options. Be sure to visit Rudolph Chevrolet in El Paso Texas when this model becomes available. The South Desert Boulevard dealer offers an unparalleled inventory, great financing options and exemplary customer service. Its history dates back to 1960. The family-owned business employs more than 150 staff members, including numerous salespeople with decades of experience. Please see the website or dial 915-317-5956 for more details about this reliable eco-friendly vehicle.

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