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When it comes to getting a car trade-in to go your own way, you can find it’s a battle of the mind as much as anything else. Trading a car in and walking in knowing that you just got good value for all of your hard work is very important. However, many people walk out of a dealership all high-fives only to find out that they have been comprehensively ripped off!

To help you avoid that embarrassment, here are some decent car trade-in tips that we live by. With these, you are far more likely to get a car trade-in that is going to really make a big difference.

Getting The Best Car Trade-in Value

• Start off by paying attention to market value; with so many price comparison sites out there, ignorance is no excuse. You don’t need to be a walking dealership to know a cars value; just look it up online. Make sure you are arriving with a value in mind and don’t budge too far from it. this can make it much easier for you to get a price that you can feel like is good value for your car.

• Bring all of the details that you can about the cars history; mileage, maintenance records, any incidents and other problems should all be noted down as quickly as you can. This should make it easier to convince the dealership that you have taken good care of the car and that they can feel comfortable buying it off of you in the first place.

• Try and spruce up the motor as much as you can; a bit of extra work can add on a lot more in terms of what you paid for the work to be done to the cars value. Get rid of bad smells such as cigarette smoke, and get rid of all trash; vacuum up inside and make sure it looks as close to the standard as possible. The dealer should be able to see it being sold, not all the work they need to do to make it sell-worthy.

• Negotiate your trade-in as the trade-in alone. When trading in to buy a car that day, you can find all sorts of machinations take place to make sure you get less value for what you are buying. The trade-in always is weaker compared to the new buy, so making sure you can give them reason to believe you are here to trade in, not to buy back right away.

• Always be clear you are not a novice, either. Tell them you’ve been reading into the cars value and want to see if they value it at the same level. Call ahead of time and make sure they show a positive mood for the model you are offering them.

• Also, never give over your registration, details or your car keys. Dumb dealerships might try and hold onto them and try play a game to get you to buy. While it’s likely you’ll not react how they want, it will probably land you in trouble.

All things being equal, going along with the above should make it much easier to get a more creative and consistent response long-term.

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