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To ensure the safety of you and your car, then there is a need to perform brake checks annually. The inspection should include checking the brake fluid level, lining wear, rotor thickness as well as brake lines and hoses’ condition. A test drive may also be done in order to detect other problems with the car’s brake.

In North America, thousands of brakes on trucks are inspected annually. It is conducted with the help of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. During the annual Brake Safety Week, 6 items are inspected including the brake drums, linings, loss rate, leaks, air, and tractor protection system, adjustment low air warning device pushrod travel, the vehicle’s registration and the driver’s license. Nevertheless, the annual Brake Safety Week does not only involve the inspection of trucks but it also involves educating the drivers when it comes to adjusting the brakes.

All in all, the main goal of the annual Brake Safety Week is to ensure vehicle and driver safety. So, they have also handed out educational materials to fleets and drivers. With these actions taken by the federal government, there is a need for fleets and driver to pay close attention to the replacement of their vehicles brake lining performance and at the same time, their RSD compliance. There is also a need for them to protect the air system of the vehicle from contamination as it is crucial for maintaining an effective and safe air brake system.

Now, what about the vehicles of the motor carriers that are registered in the state where an inspection program is mandated but is not used in the state? Are the vehicles required to be inspected? In this case, there is a need for the motor carrier to undergo the program of the state just so they would be able to satisfy the requirements of the Federal government. Nevertheless, there are also states where there are exemptions when it comes to the inspection process. For example, there are States that accepts self-inspection, a periodic inspection, CVSA or Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspection.

So, is there a specific location where the decal, sticker or other documentation form should be placed? According to the rules, there are no specific requirements when it comes to this matter. However, it is the driver’s responsibility to present it when the officials are asked to present it.

To sum this article up, annual brake checks are good for the reason that the signs of brake problems can be discovered early. This also means that the drivers can protect themselves from experiencing brake failure while they are driving their vehicle. In other words, the process of inspecting vehicles is one way of ensuring that they are in safe working condition before the driver starts their adventure on the road. After all, for sure, there is no one who would want to encounter any car problem, especially if they need to go somewhere urgently or when they are far from an auto repair shop.

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