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For anyone in the military, you might have found that buying a car can be a prohibitive expense. If you are away most of the year, then buying a car can feel pointless. However, if you are looking to either get a car for yourself or for your family, then you’ll be happy to know that military discounts for GM vehicles just became better than ever before.

This military discount program could help you save several hundred – and in some cases, thousands – of dollars in car investment. All eligible participants can make sure they have a reliable car that can keep everyone safe without seeing all of their hard-earned cash going down the drain!

Getting Your Military Discount with GM Vehicles

• To start off with, you simply need to come and look at the GM store and ‘create’ your own ideal vehicle. You can work through their platform, see the offers on hand and just decide on what kind of car perfectly fits with what you would have been hoping for.

• Then, you need to give your dealership the authorization number provided to you by GM. You can contact them directly and verify if you are someone in the military who qualifies for this wonderful saving service.

• Afterward, you just need to head on down to the dealership, make your purchase and drive off a happy soldier!

The GM Military Discount

At the moment, their military discounts program has just undergone the largest buff-up in its short history. From January 2016, more than 23 million new US veterans would have become eligible – alongside their spouses – to join the program. This is part of the wider program that allows all active preserved and retired duty service personnel to get awesome discounts on their cars as and when they are needed.

This first started in 2008, when the program was introduced as the GM Military Discount. It offers far lower pricing than the recommended retail price for all eligible GM vehicles. This allows for reserves, retirees, active duty and veteran troops to get the help that they need to get a vehicle at a price they can afford.

You do so much hard work elsewhere in the world, so why not enjoy a bit of a benefit from all of that stress, effort and challenge emotionally and physically?

Interestingly, the program used to have a cut-off point of one year after separation from the military. That is no longer the case. If you are interested in this, then you should absolutely get in touch with GM Motors or speak to someone in your military group to see if they can help you move towards getting that car at a better price.

GM and the US Military have a long history, ever since they helped to serve the war effort so commendably in the Second World War. This is a mere extension of their constant commitment to those who lay their life on the line for others to get a little something back when they return to normality.

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