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You’ve taken the plunge and brought home your shiny new car. It’s a thing of beauty which you’ll be admiring for a while every time you see it. You’ll likely be hearing advice from friends and neighbors who stop by to see your new ride. Performing simple preventative maintenance on your vehicle will go a long way toward protecting your vehicle investment. Here are a few tips to take care of your new vehicle.

New brake pads on new brake rotors don’t really require a break-in procedure. The texture deliberately left on the surface of the iron discs will grind down the fresh surface of the pad material within a few miles. Even so, refrain from high-speed stops or dragging the brakes for a few hundred miles.

Change the oil regularly.

A generous dousing of Scotchgard or a similar protectant on the cloth upholstery and carpets will keep dirt, pollen and mildew from clinging.

Protect the paint surface from harsh environmental elements and prevent premature aging with a car wax, paint protectant or paint sealant.

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